My Eye – A Poem

Hey my friend, Thank you,

For being beautiful and showing beautiful!

Hey cherished, glad to have you,

For showing us the path amidst of rain and fog!

Great of you,

On having man made supporters for you!

You show me all the manner to develop manners,

You teach me all the life lessons from within you!

From protecting yourself, to being transparent

From nourishing yourself, to adjusting to light and dark

From managing in any circumstances,

To fulfilling the place you are in with rejoice!

Even though there are millions within you,

You teach me to stay strong and adhered to what you want!

How complex you are from inside?

Exhibiting simple and calm outside!!

Being this great on teaching me the life lessons,

You are really great!!   My EYE!!!

And Thank you………..

By Ms. R.K. Mohana Ragavi

To hear the narrated version of this poem visit the YouTube Link:

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