Eye Am Immanent

They say I am the immanent part of the creature,

As I let them behold this world and the nature.

I am the tiny one yet of the immeasurable worth,

I need to be handled with care in every back and forth.

I am not Just window to the soul,

I am a glimpse into the body.

My changes can signal you why the sight is getting muddy.

I need green veggies and yellow fruits to become fit,

I should be examined every six months for each issues to be treat.

If I can’t see far you need minus and for near plus spectacles,

When I get old and cannot accommodate the solution become bifocals.

If i get dry and weary you should go for lubricating drops,

Contact lens can be better option when glasses doesn’t work.

Sunglasses, coats and shades are my protective shield,

Telescopes, minifiers and mirrors are for expansion of my visual field.

Computer can strain me and even cause headache,

You should go for therapy and medical care to gain your better vision back.

By Ms. Riya Dev

To hear the narrated version of this poem visit the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LKr6RwhlEEI

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