elearning - QUIZ Session

Quiz – Rules

    1. 20 questions will be asked.

    2. All questions are set from our eLearning sessions.If you have not attended the eLearning session please watch the recorded session first. 

    3. Total 20 minutes time will be given to finish the quiz

    4. To pass you have to get greater than or equal to 12 points.

    5. 10 ForOptom Credit points will be awarded to those who pass the quiz which can be later redeemed during any paid ForOptom Programs.

    6. The credit points will be credited to the email address that you will use to participate in the QUIZ. So make sure the email id you provided is a valid email id.

    7. Your entry will be invalid if you attempt the QUIZ for more than 2 times using a different email id. 

    8. If you have failed you will be allowed one more retrial. Please re watch the YouTube eLearning sessions before the retrial as you will only be allowed one retrial. 

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