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Orthokeratology Simplified – Start Fitting Your First OrthoK Lens

In my previous article titled “Myopia Management and Orthokeratology”, I had written about what Orthokeratology is and how it works to manage Myopia. In this article I will be talking about Orthokeratology from an Optometrist’s perspective and this article will mainly help young Optometrists who wants to start Orthokeratology practice. Orthokeratology has not been widely practiced because very few about this topic has been taught and practiced in the field of Optometry. With this article […]

Myopia Management & OrthoKeratology

If you are wearing glasses you must remember your first visit to your eye doctor. Many of you might have been prescribed spectacles or contact lenses as a remedy to the refractive correction (Glass Prescription). As a small kid I remember my eye care professional prescribing me a -0.75 refractive correction (lens power) when I was around 11 years old. By the time I was 20 years old my refractive correction was -2.75. I always […]