Ocular Tattoos


Tattooing is a type of body modification that dates back thousands of years, with the oldest tattoo believed to be from between 3370 BC and 3100 BC, and are still a major part of many cultures worldwide. Eye tattooing isn’t a very novel concept either. In fact, Corneal tattooing has been said to be around for 2000 years now. The scleral tattoos though have a recent history of just over a decade, with the first […]

3 days COVD Certified workshop conducted at Pokhara.

A COVD certified workshop on Vision Therapy was organized by Lubhu Eye Care with Himalaya Eye Hospital as the co organizer. It was three days workshop which took place at Hotel Golden Gate, Pokhara from 14th to 16th November, 2019. The workshop provided Optometrists a chance to understand Vision Therapy and Binocular Vision System and helped them enhance their skills on the subject. ForOptom 2019 is a small step forward towards making a big change […]

Things to know before buying a Soft Contact Lens

When we get a prescription for refractive correction we start thinking about spectacles. Spectacles has become a very good means of correcting refractive error but sometimes we do want to break free from the glasses and enjoy our coffee without the fog, enjoy rain without the blur & enjoy the dance floor without worrying about the glasses. There are various other options that we can choose if we are fed up with the spectacles. The […]