Eye Am Immanent

They say I am the immanent part of the creature, As I let them behold this world and the nature. I am the tiny one yet of the immeasurable worth, I need to be handled with care in every back and forth. I am not Just window to the soul, I am a glimpse into the body. My changes can signal you why the sight is getting muddy. I need green veggies and yellow fruits […]

My Eye – A Poem

Hey my friend, Thank you, For being beautiful and showing beautiful! Hey cherished, glad to have you, For showing us the path amidst of rain and fog! Great of you, On having man made supporters for you! You show me all the manner to develop manners, You teach me all the life lessons from within you! From protecting yourself, to being transparent From nourishing yourself, to adjusting to light and dark From managing in any […]

Ocular Tattoos


Tattooing is a type of body modification that dates back thousands of years, with the oldest tattoos believed to be from between 3370 BC and 3100 BC, and are still a major part of many cultures worldwide. Eye tattooing isn’t a very novel concept either. In fact, Corneal tattooing has been said to be around for 2000 years now.The scleral tattoos though have a recent history of just over a decade, with the first experimentation […]